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Abstract Flame

Masterclasses from top entrepreneurs


Guest presenter: Joel Davis a 3 X Deloitte WINNER. Accepted onto the Forbes Business Council, 2022

training classes to increase the chance of starting and growing your business

Award winning entrepreneurs take you through the practical steps for generating business ideas, launching & growing a successful start up

Our online start up training course includes exclusive videos, live Q&A sessions & access to business coaches & funding

Some of the businesses our team have helped


You will gain

Learn the fastest way to generate & evaluate business ideas, launch and scale your start up

Practical, up-to-date knowledge, taught from founders who have been there

Access to successful founders, funding from investors & business coaches

"It was invaluable to get the knowledge & confidence in how to launch my online business and start getting paid customers fast"
Gray Coat Person
Jake, North London, UK

Learn the fastest way to generate & evaluate your business ideas, launch and scale your start up

Every week our team of founders share their secrets for start up business growth success.

Live Q&A sessions every week 

Get access to 1:1 sessions with our business coaches and funding chats with investors

FREE CLASS with award winning founders

Includes live online masterclass at no cost or commitment

Within the first 30 days you will learn how to:

Generate and refine business ideas with a competitive edge

Assess market opportunity and optimise your target market

Get the best out of search, social and Amazon 

Learn the most cost effective way to find and retain high value customers

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